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Core Philosophy

“True progress of an economy is reflected in the financial well being of its people”

The Forum intends to work in OIC countries across Africa, Asia, Central Asia & Eastern Europe, the intention is to deepen government, private sector and public sector engagements in these regions to establish Islamic finance opportunities, enable economic aspirations and identify priority sectors for growth and the impact Islamic finance can have on them.

The forum will develop a short term and long-term plan for each of the identified regions and focus on the following strategy implementation

Enable entrepreneurs and SMEs to scale their growth with access to Islamic financial services and products

Leverage technology, innovation and allied investments to drive private sector growth, and proliferation of Islamic finance inclusion across the regions

Improve quality of Islamic finance skills and training to strengthen the human capital of the regions

Support consistent dialogues and debates within the Islamic finance leadership and facilitate structured initiatives for development

Creation of data and research to support future ready, and sustainable Islamic finance ecosystems and economies

Our Approach

The singular platform for discussion on policy, regulatory, and compliance initiatives with a strategic focus on Shariah tenets

Equal opportunity creation for entrepreneurship and Public -Private cooperation across Islamic finance ecosystems and allied Islamic economy ecosystems

Facilitation of partnerships and global collaborations to improve the state of Islamic finance and industry ecosystems

Strengthening of Islamic Finance and Islamic Capital Markets in Africa, Americas, Eastern Europe & Central Asia and rest of the world

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